as it stands

as I get older

not in age really; but in character, and likely faith

I found I no longer write the way I used to,

get the words out, get the sound out

my voice wants to speak louder than my fingers will allow

that’s new for me,

and I don’t want to sit at tables in coffee shops and restaurants alone

as I ponder and draw for hours while sipping hot tea or gin and tonic

I want to talk to the person next to me, have someone across the table

and being three minutes late and 45 minutes early doesn’t bother me like it used to,

being okay not knowing the time to meet or if there even is a plan at all

chasing grace instead of ambition

that’s new for me,

I used to be afraid of change.

But that’s before I knew about transformation.


and I become a lover of spontaneity


making mistakes

speaking up

dressing down

everything different, all things new

a reconstruction from the ground up


& as it stands, I stand with it.


{2 Cor 3:18}





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