I move around the mugs in my kitchen cabinet

for the first time

in a while,

because the mug with the flowers

is the one I use on Fridays,

and every other day of the week, I wake up too late for coffee.

I don’t find one I like much more,

so I relent and rest on the cream-colored couch

in the living room, just east of the kitchen.

but I know there’s a mug I’m missing

which one, I know the one

but I can’t remember what it looks like

except that a boy I knew sent it to me as a gift and

it was a quote I had written in a blog some time ago

it’s funny, I think

that someone that came out of my very own brain,

I just can’t remember

until I do

and it’s timely

but I lost it

but I remember it

and maybe, that means I never lost it at all.




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