I Am

This is the space I come to when I can still trust your promises, still believe in your favor, snack on strawberry ice cream, and pick up pennies from the sidewalk.

This is the place I come to when I’m at my weakest, stressed the hardest, in the middle of the mystery, wandering the surface.

I’m here when I have scaled the mountain, and I’m here when I’m at the bottom of the ocean.

You see me the same in every place, I am. You see me as beloved, as a child, as a soldier, as an heir. The way you see me doesn’t change the way that I change the way I feel.

My environment doesn’t change the way, I am. You placed the way before me.

My hope doesn’t shift the path, I am. You make it straight for me.

I’m not fearful or brave.

I’m not faithful or doubtful.

I’m not giving grace or taking offense.

I’m everything, all at once – in one moment of bravery, there is a condition of fear.

In a step of faith, there is a pause of doubting.

And for everything you are, I am, I’m so quick to fail in recognizing you don’t change the way I do. But you reveal over me that I’m not changing, either.

I’m transformed by the touch of your hand.




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