sanguine sea

“what if I give you the lake?” he asked,

“I wouldn’t know what to do with it,” I said,

what if I took care of it for you until you knew what to do,”

“You’d give it back to me then – when I was ready? But why wouldn’t you just give it when I was ready rather than telling me in advance?”

if I give it to you before you’re ready, it’s yours in the first place. I am simply fostering;

dear one, how would you know what you’re getting ready for if you did not know in advance – you could spend your whole life preparing for a desert, when I am giving you an ocean.”

and if — I know it is a large body of water that I will receive, I no longer ask what it may be.

I therefore ask for timing.

but when I come to understand that time does not exist

I begin to question the character of the promise

and when I find out that it is blue

it is wet

it is deep

and it has waves

I ask where it is

no answer

pause, look left

I see it

I begin to ask what to do with it,


so He builds a boat

He builds a sail

He leaves the boat out in the middle of the water

and I come to find

the whole time I thought He was giving me a lake

it was His way of teaching me to swim.


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