keep her heart safe

her feet bold,

her mind at rest

and there is no thought

loosed from being captive to Christ

this is grace,

saved through faith

in the light

she recognizes

the reflection of glory

from glory to glory

as days pass

sunrise to set

east to west

she is not perfect

she is messy, makeup smudged, spilling coffee

spilling potting soil in the process of planting,

laundry on the floor, waiting to be folded

dusty windows, cardboard boxes

she is moving, she is stagnant,

all good things will stay

all else will be deleted.


note: we spend time assuming God changes us the way we would remodel a house, but instead, He tears the house entirely to the ground. This is not to harm us. It is instead to make sure the leaks, the holes, the broken places — the enemy’s strongholds — will never have a hold on us again.

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