the quiet grace, a short story. pt. 1

October 2016

a poetic excerpt from a God-inspired story

There is a girl, with blonde hair, sitting on the edge of a cliff. Her hair is braided, a blue dress on, she looks off into the distance and at the mountains beyond that lead her to the sea. She kicks her feet off into the empty air, the distance knows nothing, for there is an open space,


Open spaces mean freedom. Although she sits on the rock, her legs are free – to run, to dance, to play – and her wisdom is strong, her voice is loud, and she is listened to – but there is no one around her – and while these things may not be evident, they do remain true. That is the evidence of faith.

You know, now, the story of the girl with freedom in her feet and the fire in her heart – now, she just waits for the light in her soul to enter her eyes. She is beautiful, but has not seen herself before.

She wonders, like many princesses do in a high place, if a prince will come. But he comes.

He always comes.
And her Father is mighty, a king of an everlasting kingdom, one that has never failed; but she has often run away to seek places on adventures she has made her own, as has this prince.

But her Father knows. And He has designed a path that is beautiful, for He has been King for a long time. He has been Love for a long time.

She knows that. But still, from here, on this cliff, the trees below feel more daring, more thick and fearful than they appear as shelter.

Oh, to be higher than those! She knows she could stoop – walk back down – but little does she know those streams below lead up the mountain and the prince, he’s coming, and he loves her, he loves her fiercely. He just does not know it yet.

There is a light in her eyes now, as the sun rises, she smiles and waits for the boy who is

handsome, a gentleman, with a jealousy like her Father, a man who leads boldly and prays without equivocation, the man who is patient, generous, even willing to die if it was meant to save the kingdom. While he knows in confidence, deep in his soul that it is not the case, his willingness to become is what has taken him from the boy she was seeing to the man he is becoming.

And her understanding of that has held her enough to stand on her own two feet in confidence on the rock, knowing she is

beautiful, without fail she is wise, and courageous and she is



she is caring, brave, a good thinker, a visionary. The blueprints she has written will be built to houses by the man who will find her, showing her that faith never fails, that her Father is a God of freedom, of love and justice, that He builds kingdoms that do not fall unless they crumble by His command, the gates He has designed open at all the right times, His glory reigns and His heart delights in the girl on the cliff as she will – stay and wait – for the journey ahead, for the boy on a journey who is growing into a man. As she breaks through he will find her, as she stands firm he walks faster, as she waits, his pace quickens, for she is not prone to jealousy or a striving after wind – she will write this story with her arms outstretched – ‘oh, love, what a time to wait upon the One who cares for you!’

What a force to reconcile her vision with the truth, and how she wondered if she did not know him, if it would have been easier – but this journey of brokenness is but another story of the way the lion came, and the lamb laid down before those who were unworthy, to create a new promise for them, something they did not deserve and often so willingly strayed from, only to discover a love that has carried them this far –

and grace will carry them home

but they do not know this yet. For the King lives in a castle where no one knows, but it is beautiful, it must be, for He is beautiful, yet always unseen.

This girl has never been home to this castle, but when she closes her eyes, her heart responds in a way without words and with great peace.

And on this cliff,


closes her eyes and says, “Father, come near” and He does, He always does – amid the distractions, and the strategies that lead her from the cliff or the way she often looks back, she says her Father’s name and He comes, He comes near – and reminds her that He is the ruler of the kingdom and He can see the prince – and she doesn’t have to know where he is because her Father knows.

And this future glory – we see with closed eyes now, until the unfolding comes – like a birthday wish, as the light goes on – but with a flame that will never burn out, so their love will be everlasting, for it is from the One who never lets go.

Her feet bring good news, his hands are made to build, God’s character is to restore. Her eyes are meant to see, with light. His ears are made to hear, and clearly. God’s glory is evident. His kingdom is ever-advancing.

And she will wait, with peace and grace –

unending grace.



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