deditio, deditio in fidem (latin

in the context of Rome; an autonomous state’s voluntary surrender to the empire, as a precondition to the completion of the war. At its completion, at the formal acceptance of surrender, the autonomous state ceased to exist– thereby becoming the property of the empire, with all possessions, gods, and citizens to follow and be consumed by the empire, the empire claiming full ownership of it


that is, the kingdom; where we, at one time, free from the reign of the King, lived independent of the throne. When the kingdom entered our home during the war, it was much stronger us, as one can remember. But when they entered in, they did not steal or destroy our land. They instead gave us an ultimatum: leave, or leave what we have behind and join them.

We had no other place to go, so our decision was to join them. But to have the greatest power in the world come and say something of the sort sounds incredible, so we hid our treasures under our clothes as we walked with them, afraid of letting go of what we left behind. And we thought we had outsmarted them, for we had carried those treasures for many miles and they said nothing to us.

At the gates of the city, we paused before entering in. As we looked, we saw a deserted place, and we were broken by the desolation. While those who were native to this place had a sense of awe, we could not help but be of broken heart. We left our home for this place, and found great loss. A King’s booming voice spoke something we could not understand, but it startled us so and we dropped our treasures behind us. He had spoken in a different language, but we all understood: what we had brought here could not enter in with us. As the treasure clattered to the ground, we looked up again and saw the city made new– gold pathways, and buildings teeming with new life. The free feeling we once knew was a memory.

This was true freedom, without offense and full of grace. It was our new home, a city in which we could reside once we had surrendered all. We left our treasures from our past home at the door, only to find ones that were better.


deditio: surrender

in fidem: into faith


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