the desert

you walk me into

the desert

as I chase the light in your eyes

there is darkness here

and a harshness I cannot explain

still, I am still.

the mountains of sand

surround me on all sides

each grain, a memory

you hold in your hands and I

am speechless

for the second time

humble, quiet and


your voice I hear, awakening my heart to

feel beginnings

of a kingdom I cannot explain

as I exit this place, knowing

each broken moment you’ve held in your hands

amount to piles of sand

whisked away by the wind

set me free as I let them go.

thank you, I whisper

to the peace that heals my heart

and teaches my feet to move.


“she loves you,” he hears in his heart from a voice in a far-off place.

“not as much as Me, but she loves you.”

he learns to walk on water.

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